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Skilled Guidance And Support For Your Domestic Violence Restraining Order

Do you need an emergency restraining order after an episode of domestic violence took place in your home? Whether the domestic abuse was subtle or explosive, you deserve the safety and security that a restraining order can provide. A domestic violence restraining order (DVRO) is a civil court order, signed by a judge, that compels the alleged abuser to stop the verbal, physical or financial abuse, or face consequences that could include a jail term.

Tiffany A. Smith Henson is your calm, comforting guide through the legal process when domestic violence interrupts your life.

Using her 16 years of experience as a family lawyer, Ms. Henson protects your rights in and out of the courtroom. Her dedication to personal service means that you receive prompt answers to your questions and thoughtful recommendations with every twist and turn in your case.

Experienced Protective Order Attorney Serving Central California Clients

In our state, domestic violence has been committed when a current or former spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, co-parent or cohabitant, or someone related to you through blood or marriage causes physical injury, initiates a sexual assault, instills fear of immediate danger, intimidates, stalks, threatens or harasses you in person or by phone or email, and destroys personal property.

If one or more of these situations sound familiar, you and your child or children deserve the place of safety that only a protective order can provide. Tiffany A. Smith Henson listens carefully to your side of the story, and acts swiftly and decisively on your behalf with a restraining order that gets results.

When domestic violence invades your home and a protective order is needed to ensure your safety, and that of other family members, come to the Visalia Law Office of Tiffany A. Smith Henson — a family lawyer who cares.

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