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Resolution Of Your Divorce And Child Custody Matter Through Mediation

A growing area of the Visalia family law practice of the Law Office of Tiffany A. Smith Henson is that of family law mediation. An uncontested divorce or a truly child-centered child custody and visitation case can be resolved very affordably and with much less stress than through traditional litigation.

Resolve Your Family Law Matter Amicably, Affordably Without Battling Attorneys

If you and your spouse believe you agree on most or all points of property division, spousal support and child custody in a California divorce, you are welcome to contact the law firm for information. If you go the route of family law mediation through this law firm, Tiffany A. Smith Henson will act as a mediator assisting the two of you in crafting your own legally binding agreement.

A Qualified Family Law And Divorce Mediator Can Direct Your Path

Ms. Smith Henson is well-prepared to deliver a professional, effective mediation experience to help resolve your family law matter: divorce, child custody or both. She trained for her role as a mediator at the world-renowned Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University. Judges from prominent countries worldwide have sought education in dispute resolution at this institute. You can rest assured that your critical family law matter is in good hands while saving money and aggravation that typically mark a traditional divorce or child custody battle.

Discuss whether your family law matter can be resolved through mediation. Schedule a consultation with California lawyer Tiffany Henson by calling 559-625-8433 or (625-TIFF).