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Creative Divorce Solutions For Your Central Valley Family

Every divorce presents its own special challenges: legal, financial and emotional, to say nothing of divorce's potential negative impact on children caught in the middle of parents' disputes.

Extended family members, neighbors, co-workers and business partners can also be affected. Many futures hinge on the successful completion of the end of a marriage.

Don't let these processes upset and overwhelm you. Tiffany A. Smith Henson works hard to smoothly transition you to a serene, brighter tomorrow, post divorce.

In Visalia and the Central Valley of California, the Law Office of Tiffany A. Smith Henson efficiently handles every aspect of uncontested, contested and high net worth divorce; dissolution of domestic partnerships and same-sex marriages; and post-judgment modifications of child custody, child support and spousal support.

Helping You Understand The Divorce Process

Family law attorney Tiffany A. Smith Henson can assist you in navigating the difficult path of a California divorce, and increase your chances of achieving a reasonable, timely outcome. She can help ensure that business valuations are fair, spousal support is reasonable and real estate is valued properly.

If differences over money and child access cannot be negotiated, and litigation is necessary, Ms. Henson is fully prepared to aggressively safeguard your interests in the courtroom.

"I'm adept at analyzing businesses, bank statements, retirement portfolios and tax returns. I can represent your interests vigorously in a high-asset divorce case." — Attorney Tiffany A. Smith Henson

Divorce And Family Law Attorney With 16 Years Of Experience

As your lawyer, Tiffany A. Smith Henson uses her extensive real estate background to your benefit during division of assets and property. If your divorce is uncontested, she can mediate whatever differences still exist while minimizing the cost of representation customized to address your unique needs.

Are you seeking to dissolve a domestic partnership or same-sex marriage case?

Have your child custody and visitation arrangements been complicated by a parental relocation or sudden change in financial circumstance?

For these and any other collateral issue connected to divorce, the Law Office of Tiffany A. Smith Henson serves you as an attentive ally and advocate throughout the legal process.

Arrange your initial consultation with Tiffany A. Smith Henson today by calling 559-625-8433 or sending an email message.