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Knowledgeable Same-Sex Family Law Representation

Now that marriage equality is the law in California, it is inevitable that a number of same-sex relationships will come to an end — and the guidance of a skilled, compassionate family law attorney will be needed.

Are you seeking to dissolve a domestic partnership or same-sex marriage? Do you need sound advice on post-judgment concerns regarding child custody, visitation and spousal support? Does an efficient, collaborative mediation of your differences sound attractive to you, rather than a costly, lengthy, divisive, litigated outcome?

Get the facts you need, and the many options you should be aware of, from the Law Office of Tiffany A. Smith Henson in Visalia.

An Attorney Who Can Provide You Advice And Guidance

Tiffany A. Smith Henson's 16 years as a family law attorney have made a positive difference in the lives of clients who have decided to divorce. Families formed by alternative lifestyles can gain strength and confidence from her proven skills at helping couples to reach consensus on a variety of divorce issues.

If your divorce has been complicated by the need to divide significant, accumulated marital assets such as real property, ownership of family businesses and retirement income, Ms. Henson has the extensive real estate background and financial acumen that safeguard your interests. She can apply her broad knowledge of mediation and negotiation to resolve differences without resorting to the courtroom.

Do you need to establish a guardianship for a special needs child? Are you curious about how to expand your family through adoption? Has domestic violence made your life miserable? Our full-service family law firm's leadership can put you on a path to your goals.

Experienced Central Valley Lawyer Handling Same-Sex Divorce And LGBTQ Family Law Issues

To speak with a California attorney who cares — about you, your nontraditional family and any aspect of your same-sex relationship — contact the Law Office of Tiffany A. Smith Henson. Call 559-625-8433 or send an email message that secures your initial consultation.