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Did Your Child Suffer A Serious Injury At School?

If your preschool-age child was injured by a defective toy at a day care center, or if an especially aggressive or negligent teacher punished your elementary school in ways that seriously injured him or her, or was sexually abused by a school employee, you need effective legal representation on your side — and you need it now.

Skilled personal injury attorney Tiffany A. Smith Henson is knowledgeable on subjects such as school accidents, school injury, school district liability and harm that can come to a child through abuse and neglect at the hands of a trusted authority figure.

Obtaining The Right Result For You

For every form that child injury and injuries at school can take, the Law Office of Tiffany A. Smith Henson has the knowledge, dedication and personal service that get results.

Examples of negligence that can lead to injuries for children include failure to properly maintain playground equipment, traffic accidents involving school buses, bicycle accidents in crosswalks intended to be safe for children, drownings at school outings and church functions, toy injuries, dog bites and uncalled-for corporal punishment.

If one or more of these categories of child injury have disrupted your child's life, and his or her school routine, please contact Ms. Henson immediately for an initial consultation.

Abuse At School

Sadly, school officials including principals, teachers and administrators fail to look after the vulnerable children who are in their care. Besides the use of corporal punishment or excessive force in disciplining students, educators are often guilty of discrimination, sexual abuse or making sexual advances upon children or young adults. Such abuse can leave lasting emotional as well as physical scars upon our children.

Our law firm provides you representation and explores with you all of your legal options. With the aim of doing what is in the best interest of your children, we fight to bring about the best possible resolution of your matter.

Tiffany A. Smith Henson — An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer Who Cares

Our law firm's founder is an attentive attorney who cares — and who can always make time to speak with you about any legal concern. She has successfully represented client families in Visalia, Fresno and across the Central Valley of California for a wide range of personal injury claims during her 16 years of practice. Call 559-625-8433 or send an email message.

If you and your child need to be visited at a hospital room, Ms. Henson can accommodate you. The contingency fee basis for her work on your behalf means that you owe no attorney fee unless she wins your case, and obtains the financial compensation you deserve.